Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Inspiration Sensation

It seemed like a good idea to use my inaugural post as a way of introducing myself . . however - after several failed attempts I've given up. Mostly because they all sounded like dodgy personal ads or lonely heart entries in a really rubbish newspaper! In fact the only thing that was missing was, 'likes to take long walks in the rain' and GSOH' . . Not good.

As such, I've decided to dive right in and talk about my obsession du jour - STREET STYLE. I was bored to tears with pictures if celebrities dressed up by their stylist and looking like clones - case in point: if I see one more snap of Nicole Richie in a maxi dress . . . snore much?! So I began to look elsewhere for inspiration. What really started the whole thing was a tip from my own personal style icon (Shout out to Lucius!!) - he forwarded me this link: Real people, real style and beautifully photographed. I. Was. Hooked!

That one link opened up a world of street style sites, I've never been so inspired. I am now totally, overwhelmingly, addicted! It has changed my outlook, my wardrobe and has sparked a dormant creativity! As yet I have not appeared on one of these sites . . . but a girl can dream.

Here are a few of my favourites - Happy Surfing!

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